SIP technology sustains the earth’s natural resources

Their facing (OSB) are made from renewable, farm-grown younger trees, and none of their components contribute to environmental degradation.
  • 65% of the materials can be used again after lifespan period, compared to 25% on concrete, 35% on steel structure.
  • No heavy industry for producing steel, cement, aggregates, bricks etc. needed.
  • SIP comes from one source only, as an integrated building system, therefore there is less impact on the environment.
  • Less air & water pollution, gas emission, C02 emission compared to other systems (concrete, bricks, steel) on the construction stage as well as on the running period of the building (due to the excellent energy efficiency and air-tightness).
  • Less transportation and less waste materials being put into our landfills.
  • SIP System is highly compatible with the photo voltaic systems, solar systems: close to zero energy buildings.