SIP - Best Thermal Insulation

Due to their components and the homogeneous material layers, SIPs have a low U value that gives you an excellent thermal performance, therefore lower monthly energy bills.
  • Our 120mm thickness SIP has an u-value=0.22 W/m2/K. The U-value of a SIP varies depending on the thickness of the panel.
  • Surfaces with SIP do not absorb energy.
  • The insulation values for SIP panels are far superior to conventional framing and insulating methods.
  • SIP building is virtually airtight, giving the occupants full control over the interior environment. This energy efficiency will become increasingly important as the cost of heating fuels inevitably increase.
  • When you build with our SIP, you can save up to 50% of your bills, comparing to conventional methods.
  • When our SIP is used together with extra insulation, you can save up to 80% of your bills, comparing to conventional methods.
  • Because SIPs create a tighter building envelope than conventional insulation, you can actually reduce the size of heating and cooling equipment.