Fixed cost, predictable. SIP panels are pre-fabricated, manufactured under factory controlled conditions.

Construction cost and quantity of materials are calculated with accuracy, eliminating cutting and fabrication on site. This guarantees that no unexpected costs will appear.
Low cost of initial investment

Building with SIP reduces the cost by 30% compared to conventional building methods

Fast rate of construction

All elements arrive at the construction site ready to erect.

Space maximization

Space maximization because of the thickness of the walls, you can save up to 3% over the total square meters of the house.

Lower related costs
  • Less work specialties are needed and less transportation of materials.
  • No extra works needed on the construction site.
  • Cutting and fabricating, based on your construction drawings, are done for you in a SIP manufacturing plant. That reduces site labor and time building materials are not exposed to the weather on the job site.
  • SIP systems allow the use of less skilled workers during construction
Less job-site waste

There is much less waste in a SIP-designed building than a conventional building, keeping landfills cleaner.

Lower running costs

With our SIP you can save up to 50% of your utility bills compared to conventional building methods.

Internal covering

Being factory produced and controlled SIP panels have intact surfaces which makes it is easier to install tiles, kitchen, and sanitary facilities.