SIP – Structural strength

  • SIPS are load bearing walls, their structural characteristics are similar to a steel I-beam. The skins act like the flanges of an I-beam, and the rigid core provides the web of the I-beam configuration. This composite assembly yields stiffness, strength, and predictable performance.
  • The structural integrity of SIP buildings is significantly superior to a conventionally framed building in term of shear resistance, flexural strength, compression and uplift resistance.
  • SIP is fully designed and fabricated in a controlled factory conditions, ensuring accurate dimension and tolerances, therefore the end product that arrives on site is accurate and defect free; this assures the quality of your building.
  • SIP constructions are certified for 60 years lifespan, while the concrete buildings have a scientific lifespan of 50 years.
  • University studies have proven that such buildings are significantly superior to the conventional constructions, therefore you will feel more secure in a SIP home.
  • Not only do test results show panels are stronger, but natural disasters have proven it time and again. Homes built with SIPs withstood the Great Hanshin (Kobe, Japan) and North Ridge earthquakes, as well as Hurricane Katrina.
Fire resistance
  • Our Structural Insulated Panels meet the building regulations requirements with regard to fire resistance. When lined with a conventional 15mm gypsum board you get fire resistance rating REI 60/60/60 (Exova Warringtonfire).
  • Our SIPs have been tested and classified as an effective fire resistant element.